Harvest Christian Daycare

4070 22nd Ave SW

Cedar Rapids, IA 52404

(319) 390-4077

Hours: 6:30 AM - 6 PM

Spirit of Faith Family Church


Nurturing Today's Soil for Tomorrow's Growth.


At Harvest Christian Daycare, we welcome children birth through 12 years of age of any skill level. We assist parents in identifying areas of improvement, and work closely with children to help them be successful. We understand that some children learn differently and we are willing to work with each child to reach them in a way that they understand and can grow and learn. Whether the child is dealing with physical, emotional or developmental needs, our staff of dedicated and faithful teachers will praise, encourage, and love your child while giving excellent and individualized care.

✿ Improve Language Skills

✿ Managing Anger /

  Frustration Positively

✿ Problem Solving

✿ Friendship Skills

✿ Following Directions

✿ Improve Self Image

✿ Allergies


✿ Autism

✿ Down Syndrome

✿ Genetic Disorders

✿ Emotionally Disturbed

✿ Language Delays

✿ Learning Disabilities

✿ Physical Impairments


We accept most children with special needs that do not require daily medical assistance

✿ Free Play

✿ Breakfast

✿ Lesson Time

✿ Activity Time

✿ Circle Times

✿ Lunch and Rest

✿ Group Activities

✿ Discovery Areas

✿ Outdoor Play